Here's what our clientele has to say!


"Turtle Creek Builders has been working with VTICF’s crew for many years. When it comes to insulated concrete forms, I count on them as my technical advisors. Their expertise is first rate. We recently completed an award-winning certified passive house, where VTICF worked with us and with Amvic to get exactly what we wanted, both for the foundation and for custom-cut flat foam products beneath the slabs."'

-Ward Smyth, Turtle Creek Builders

"Our clients continue to demand a higher standard of performance from their projects. In an ongoing quest for energy

efficient and durable long lasting construction we are constantly exploring materials and techniques to assist in this goal. Several years ago we connected with VTICF and Amvic products. Their ability to deliver an energy efficient, yet easily assembled structure has provided us with a very reliable and flexible alternative for our clients. We have successfully specified and utilized VTICF and the Amvic products on numerous projects for numerous clients ranging from a 20,000 s.f. multi-tenant commercial building to private and multi-family residential units. Not only does this product meet efficiency needs for both energy and construction but, when our Hospital client required the construction of a new contemporary medical office building that had to be FLOOD PROOF, Amvic was the obvious choice. I was impressed enough with the results and process, that I spec’d Amvic for my own home."

-Joe Greene, AIA, Joseph Architects

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"The cold temperatures of the 2013/14 winter season have given strong testimony of how fortunate both we and our tenants have been as a result of our choice of the Amvic product. We have previously been complimented on our low heating expenses but recently that praise has escalated."

-Stephen Van Esen, developer

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"Before I built my home I did a great deal of research on energy efficient building methods. I looked at several different building methods including structural insulating panels, double-wall stick framing and even looked into alternatives like straw bale and rammed earth. I ended up choosing insulated concrete forms from Amvic and VTICF.

My house is concrete from the footings up to the roof. I used 8” ICF for the 1st floor walls, Amvic AmDeck flooring for my suspended slab floors and 6” ICF for the top floor walls. My house is warm and free of drafts in the winter and maintains a cooler environment in the summer. AmDeck works very well for suspended radiant flooring.

I liked the results so much that I chose Amvic’s wall and flooring system for a future addition. I am truly pleased with the results and would recommend Amvic products to anyone looking to build a comfortable, energy-efficient residential or commercial structure."

-Curtis Hooper, home owner