Amvic Products

Amvic is the most user-friendly ICF on the market due to its innovative design, which increases speed of construction, reduces labor costs and provides the highest level of performance during and after installation. The powerful combination of the patented, reversible FormLockTM interlock, EPS composition, innovative web design and web spacing result in:

  • Nominal taping, tying or gluing during installation
  • Less than 1% waste vs. up to 6% for most competitors
  • Ability to withstand internal vibration, ensuring a structurally superior wall
  • Performance R-value of 40-50, due to the insulation and concrete thermal mass
  • Average of 30-50% energy savings for heating and cooling
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50+
  • Fire rating of 3+ hours
  • High indoor air quality
  • Greatly reduced construction time

Amvic ICF

Available in core thicknesses 4-12,” in a variety of configurations, factory assembled (straight, 45-degree corner, 90-degree corner, tee, brick ledge, taper top and any radius your design demands). Tested to be the strongest form on the market. 6” O.C. web spacing, fully reversible design, and 1.5 PCF EPS make this form the most user friendly ICF you can find.


Amvic Plus ICF

The newest line of enhanced performance insulated concrete forms (EPICF). Completely factory assembled, reversible, incredibly robust and with an R-30 wall assembly rating. Available with 6” and 8” core thicknesses. There is nothing like it on the market.



This retrofit option is ideal for finishing an uninsulated slab or other cold surface. Am-dry provides a moisture retarder, 9/16” OSB sub-floor, and a choice of R-7, 9 or 11. The floating inter-locking design ensures minimal labor costs and fast installation.



If you’ve been looking to take advantage of all the benefits a concrete floor assembly can offer, you need to take a look at Am-Deck. Thermal mass, sound proofing, fire resistant, and an R-20 rating. This is the ideal product if you’re considering in-floor radiant heat. Clear spans up to 30’ with a minimum of shoring, offer design versatility combined with minimized labor. Ideal for roof systems, commercial and residential floors, garage floors with living space below, archival storage, root cellars, and solar storage tanks. An incredibly versatile product.



Envirosheet offers the highest R-value for the price of any foam sheet available. The highest density ES-44 can be used below footings for complete isolation. ES-22 is ideal under slabs and for foundation exteriors (where ICF is not used). Available in any thickness with four densities and lead-times of 7-10 days. Envirosheet can be used for every possible building envelope application.


Amvic Radiant PEX Panel

Designed to expedite the installation of hydronic heating projects, this panel can accommodate 3/8-3/4” diameter PEX tubing. Choice of densities and R-11, 13 and 15 available.



If you have installed or specified Poly-Iso foil faced sheet goods in the past we suggest you consider the SilveRboard products as an alternative. Minimal off gassing, R-value that doesn’t fade with time, and more affordable. VTICF matches the right SilveRboard product to your specs. Four densities and thicknesses up to 6”.


SilveRboard X-S

Looking for vapor permeable sheet foam with the advantages of foil facing? SilveRboard X-S offers micro-perforations throughout the board allowing moisture movement and helps make it a safe choice for exterior sheathing over stick.

MgO Board - Extreme Green

Magnesium Oxide board , (or MgO, or Mag board) is an incredibly versatile sheathing product that is poised to make a positive impact on our building’s health and longevity. It's just finding its way into the mainstream US market, and we predict it will become a staple of designers and contractors in the very near future. In keeping with our focus on durability, sustainability, and healthier, mold free structures, we are pleased to offer the ExtremeGreen line of MgO products.          Click here to learn more about ExtremeGreen.