About Amvic

If you check out the Amvic company history on their website, you’ll find the official story. Canadians tend to be a modest bunch, not like us; as an American, I’d like to brag a little…

The Amvic brand was launched in 1999 when Dr. Victor Amend, PhD building science, brought his ICF design to the market. Toronto was the epicenter of the global ICF industry, but he could see there was room in the market for an improved form. The Amvic product was soon in favor with contractors and developers, and business grew rapidly. Good enough! Right? Nope, just as things are starting to pop, Victor developed a whole new (and expanded) line of product. While considerable expense was involved, it established Amvic as the strongest form in the market. And furthered the industries acceptance of ICF in general.

OK, so things are good now, yes? Nope. Amvic develops an innovative ICF floor and roof system, insulated sub-floor and stick frame panels, an insulated tilt up system, the silverboard line of foil faced EPS sheet goods along with “traditional” EIFS and geo-foam products.

Good enough then? Not yet. In response to your demands for even higher R-values and enhanced performance, Amvic has recently brought our 3rd generation of ICF to market, the Amvic Plus form. This is an even stronger form suitable for multi-story mid and high rise construction where failure of any kind is not an option. Its also a true R-30 system.

OK, I think you get the idea. Amvic is a true industry leader, and I am so pleased to represent them.



Joel Baker, VTICF president and owner