The Responsible Choice

Vermont Insulated Concrete Forms has been collaborating with energy conscious homeowners, architects, and builders for over 16 years. As the construction industry, and the customers it serves, demand higher performance from their structures, VTICF and its diverse line of Amvic building products are positioned to help all who value energy efficiency, resiliency, and simplicity. We are not just a material vendor; we promote, design and build with all of our Amvic products.

VTICF understands that many in the green building movement are conflicted when specifying foam products. At VTICF we recognize this and suggest that the energy savings and long-term durability of Amvic EPS products continue to make us a responsible choice.

We have all seen a fair share of change in recent years, and at VTICF we feel gratified that the values we've been promoting for so long are taking root across our region, and beyond.

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“Having the best product available is great, but there’s more. VTICF has been the areas premier promoter of ICF construction for 12 years. With 40 years of real world contracting experience and almost 20 years of building with ICF, there’s a good chance that we’ve worked out the same details and challenges that your project presents. We’ve either made or seen most of the mistakes that can be made. You don’t need to.

Consider us your design and job site partner. VTICF wants to be your “go to” resource when it comes to integrating Amvic ICF into your plans. VTICF has cultivated a network of experienced contractors and ICF installers and, unlike vendors who may have ten thousand other items to sell, it’s all we do. . .and we do it really well. VTICF looks forward to assisting you and sharing our knowledge on your ICF project!”

~ Joel Baker, VTICF president and owner